DonnovanSmith Ban Appeal

Byond Account: DonnovanSmith
Character Name(s): Duke Scheffer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Fudgy The Odd Bear#8670
Round ID of Ban: 17925

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image
State your appeal: I saw a guy knocking a golem over, thought he was going to kill him so I went over and pushed and hit him, we shoved and hit each others and i ended up in the last moment panic by throwing him into space, where other people then started shoving me back in an attempt to push me into space too, to which i pushed them back and won. Note that during the previous round of me using morphine, that was used was to sedate someone who was throwing sharp objects at people in an attempt to stop him. I’m terribly sorry for the trouble and I wont do it again, I really do enjoy the time I spend on fulpstation.

As a non-antag, you shouldn’t have had a syringe gun full of morphine in the first place.
Also, it’s pretty clear that you’re lying about this being innocent considering you lied to get the syringe gun in the first place

Then are only logged filling the syringes with morphine after you get it
Again, as a non-antag.
Second, there were clearly staff online to deal with it if you suspected that the first person was RDMing the golem or was planning on killing you, so shoving him into space in self-defense or because you were panicking doesn’t really work when you picked him up and threw the other player into space.

Also, the golem you were helping was griefing; getting banned is the natural consequence for jumping into fights and killing other players without knowing the whole story. This is denied.

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