Doscord/In-Game Ban Appeall

Byond Account:

Character Name(s):
Frank Matthews

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):

Round ID of Ban:

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
“Spammed “Goyslop” in Discord. Appeal on the forms if you want to play here.”

State your appeal:
I thought itd be funny to go into the discord servers cooking channel and say everybodies food was gross, which, it really wasnt. What I thought would be even funnier is if instead of just calling the food gross, I said some other word, so I decided to spam what I said to a few of the recent cooking posts. I had no clue about the anti-semetic background of the term I used, and have not used it since. I really fucked up and am sorry if I offended anybody, as it wasnt my intention in the slightest. It was a bad joke, and I wont repeat it or similiar ones again.

I appealled once for this ban s few months ago, where it was denied and I was told to appeal again in a few months. Since then I’ve been fairly active on a few other servers, some with much stricter rules then Fulp, where my behavior has been above the board on all of them, if that counts for anything. I don’t mean to play down anything I said as not a big deal, what I said was kinda fucked up, and I’m sorry. I shouldnt’ve used words which I didn’t know the full meaning of, and I’ve stopped doing so.

Sure, you get an extra chance.