Double Detective Trouble

Byond Account: PendletonMan
Character Name(s): Silas Wright
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 14289
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Chekov Svensky, Unknown

What Happened: Earlier in the round there had been a bit of a fiesta around the kitchen and about at that time I had shoved one detective. Later on Chekov and another detective come back to arrest and question me over some what I can only assume was made up business. They took me to their office instead of the brig, stripped my gear, accused me of flashing one of them, then took me out to the perma gulag and executed me by very intentionally putting me outside during a storm while handcuffed. I ahelped it during the round but ShadowAKT didn’t give the impression they cared at all and both non-antag detectives continued to run about freely while I laid husked in medbay for the rest of the round.

Do not use grief patrols to admin shop. If you have an issue with how the mod involved handled it, submit a staff report. Your account will be noted for this instance of admin shopping and doing so again will result in a ban.