Double whammy crew survial low

Byond Account: Bilbo367
Character Name(s): Bilbo wood, Hobbit
Discord Name: Bilbo367
Round ID: 24877
Date: 3/9/2023
Griefer IC name: unknown, and Kimora Sholl
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unkown

What happened:

First off someone plasma flooded whole station around 3 minates before shuttle. No idea who. Most of crew died to plasma fires in hallways.

Second off, some guy i think named Kimora Sholl or with that id killed most of the people on lavaland around 5 minutes before blob won after shuttle eta went --. I dont know what they were after mabye something the captain had? but they just shot like a big group of people and used caps sabre to kill some others. Left after a while.

I was the atmos tech that round but i did not touch the distro the entire round so i’m 90% sure it was not me. And if it was it was a complete accident and I did not mean to flood the station.

handled, thanks for the report!