Dr. Popes Mod App

Byond username: Dr.Pope Sr

Discord name: Dr. Pope#0001

Join date: December 12 2021

Hours you’ve been on the server: 135 hours

When are you online or available to get on: I try to be as active as I am able to be on discord, and try to get a couple of rounds per week. I am quite limited sometimes but with summer I will be more open. Anytime during the day but mostly afternoon and nights

How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): a bit over 2 months

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: Yes I do have prior experience being a moderator. I have been an admin on multiple Unturned servers and an arma 3 server, and a couple of minecraft servers. This allowed me to get experience on how to handle people just being awful and enforcing rules.

What is something you feel you do well: I think I would be able to do a very good job at enforcing our core ideals, and help out new players while also making sure we maintain balance. I also think I will be able to helpfully defuse any situations that might arise, and solve the issues presented. I will uphold the server in a high regard and will do my best to be helpful.

What is something you wish to change: I want to be able to generally just be an extra helping hand for the server and the discord as a whole. I care about this server and I wish to see it strive and be a safe, and good community for our players, and new players. I also have no issue doing any of the paperwork side of things, and simply helping manage what needs to be done, and give a hand where needed. My main goal as I stated is to simply keep this amazing community that has already developed.


Never have I once seen you act as a shitter +1

Never had a negative interaction with the guy +1

While I have not had many interactions with you, I can also attest that the ones I have had have been positive

Always helpful and kind wherever he is. +1

Your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mod squad.