Drackzo mentor application

Byond Account: Drackzo
Character Name(s): Drack Starborne, Rien del Nada, Blue
Discord Name: loomer#9492
Age: 25
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: varies
Are you interested in becoming a mod?
Probably not, won’t say never though.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
2200 hours across 2 accounts.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
All. I’m well versed in the tg codebase. Atmos in particular; I’m very experienced with the HFR and pretty much everything else that’s gaseous.
My strongest roles are atmos, engineer, shaft miner, AI but I’ve got working knowledge of all roles.
I’m also knowledgeable on all antags except for the new traitor system but I’m sure it’s not difficult to get up to speed.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
There are lots of inexperienced players to show the ropes to, something I enjoy doing. Also a chill atmosphere.

+1 can barely express how highly I regard them as a player and member of the community.

that was actually just a joke & a reference to what he said on my mentor app i don’t even know that guy I havent seen him play in 6 months, -1


You’ve been back for all of like, 3 days. I think I’d want to wait a little longer to accept this and make sure you’re going to stick with the community this time. Considering the terms you left on last time, I’m not terribly optimistic about this.

As Joyce said, I’d leave this pending until it’s been a few days as you’ve barely come back.

I’m fine with this though.

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That’s fair, I’m in no rush.

You haven’t been back long enough for me to say yes to this anytime soon. Also just a little factoid it’s been almost an exact year since you got mentor last time.


gave me my first server ban +1

hey this is the asshole who nearly banned me +1

Lovely person, they trained me when I was a baby mod. Big +1 :heart:

Who r u?

Seem very knowledgeable about atmo +1

We will need to see that you’re interested in sticking around in the community for now. Please reapply in a month or two.