Dude on discord trying to talk about scrubbing Rev rounds because he doesn't like them

Byond Account:Eles

Character Name(s):Faith Allen

Discord Name: VectorLock#1930

Round ID: N/A

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name:

What happened: Dude literally talking about purposely fucking rev rounds. Even after he was told he could turn off being headrev, he seemed intent on not doing that because... "me setting rev off doesn't make the game mode go away" and "how does anything make revs worse lol"

This sort of behavior has become decently common, and I can think of two or three times off the top of my head where an antag tried to scrub a round because he was angry he was the antag, or else I wouldn't consider making a report about this.

Gonna look into it, thanks for the report. Usually it’s better for situations in Discord like this to notify a moderator/admin on at the time (i.e. Golden as they are in the screenshot)
EDIT: Sorted, thanks