Duo revive camped me in medical to the point it round removed me due to medical not wanting to fix my broken organs

Round ID: **24258**

Date: 1/26/2-23
Griefer IC name: Crazy Billy, a janitor i unfortunately did not catch the name of, a female human

What happened:
Janitor didnt like being slipped when they tried to isolate me into maints, called out that i “stole his mop” which they dropped when slipped and claimed i stole their cart (i pushed it out of my way) then proceeded to grudge me across the station, and at somepoint roped the bartender Crazy Billy into their butthurt grudge, proceeded to patrol the station to hunt me down with a bat and shotgun, found me in medical and proceeded to kill me infront of the medical team.
apon revival would repeatedly beat me down again and essentially respawn camp me most of the round to the point medical gave up reviving me due to organ decay and lingering murderers but for some reason said i was the murderer to the security.
Crazy Billy spent the whole round after that in medical waiting for me to be revived again for another kill while the janitor died.
round end showed that neither of them were antagonists.

Did you try Ahelp at all?

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This has been handled, thanks for the report!