Ebisu Character Bio and Snowdin lore

  • Name: Ebisu Langston
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair Color: None
  • Eye Color: None

Ebisu Langston past work Nanotrasen atmosphere technician on the snow plant Snowdin. Ebisu’s job was to maintain the plasma observation center down in the Snowdin caves. The liquid plasma would produce pure plasma gas which always seemed to find a way to sneak into the airlocks and get inside the station. After drilling though the 4th layer of the planet’s crust, the small observation area was thrust into chaos. [REDACTED] were set free with the rubble, and snow being cleared from above them. Some crew members were able to flee, but the small elevator could only hold so many people at a time. After the elevator was sent up to the surface, it would not descend for many, many years. The organics left behind on that day either jumped or [REDACTED] liquid plasma. Ebisu Langston was one of these cases. The organic shape she had before was gone- reduced to purple crystals in the shape of a human skeleton.

An unknown amount of time had passed before the old crew was finally rediscovered. Centcom, looking to pick up where they had left off so long ago, had opened the new project called The Gateway. Before this was just used to send packages between planets surrounded by asteroid belts where ship were unable to land easily. Now it was used to send organics to faraway planets to scavenge for new materials, colonize, or simply to raid syndicate outposts. Space station 13, Nanotrasen’s newest station, was given a gateway with the task of reclaiming the lost research of Snowdin.

Upon entering the gateway, the crew was greeted with an old station - cracked windows, rusted walls, floors that were bare - but nothing a little hard work couldn’t fix-up. The shaft miner team going by the name “Ash Drakes” was sent into the snow to find any other outposts. After some weeks, they happened upon another Nanotrasen base. It had an elevator that was unable to move at first, but after rewiring it to the APCs and many prayers that it would be sent down, it finally budged. With all miners on the elevator, it was moving down to the fields of liquid plasma at an extraordinarily fast rate. After dawning their masks and turning on their O2, they were greeted by a station in almost pristine condition. The floors were shining. The walls didn’t not have a spec of rust. Every light turned on. You’d think it was livable if not for the purple fog of plasma that was its atmosphere. The doors opened on the elevator.

The crew heard a “what was that?” coming somewhere from the station. With their knives out, the miners crept from the elevator only to be greeted by a handful of purple skeletons. Ebisu Langston was the first one to greet the new guests urging them not to make a mess in the station or they’d have to mop it up themselves. After many experiments and confused calls back to Centcom, the plasma people were officially classified as a new species. The plasma men were brought to the surface in heavy atmosphere tight suits after the experiment with another plasma man that had a fiery result of meeting with the O2. Nanotrasen informed this new race that even though they may have been in the Snowdin for a few decades. they still had a contract with them, so they’d be working like anyone else, and there’s no excuses.

The plasma man leader Ebisu started life on the 13th space station first as a doctor then working long enough to become a commander on Centcom. Many people still go down to the Snowdin caves looking to extend their lives- afraid of death but tempted to venture there after seeing how the plasma people may be very fragile but were unable to die from things like old age, starvation, diseases, or the unbearable cold out in space. The [REDACTED] are still in Snowdin waiting in the fourth layer however guarded by crazed plasma men minds twisted by years of darkness.

Ebisu hopes to retrieve them one day since they are under contract after all…


Now the question arises - 4th layer expedition when…?

haha ive only ever seen our players hit the 3rd layers no one ever makes it all the wayyy down might be a fun bus idea make a spawner at the bottom

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