[Egor Dinamit] Moderator RE-Application

Byond username: EgorDinamit
Discord name: EgorDinamit#0353
Roles on discord: Contributor and mentor.
Hours on the server: ~450+

Join date.

2020-04-22 on Fulp.
In SS13 since 2019.

When are you online or available to get on.

Can be online from 10:00 to 23:00 and can join the server anywhere from 16:00 to 22:00.

Do you have prior experience being a moderator:

I had a good experience as a moderator here for a while, and since then, I feel more competent in using those powers and don’t feel about this position as “hee hee, funny buttons”.

What is something you feel you do well.

Utilizing admin, var-edit and other panels.
I can stay calm while speaking to people professionally(AHelps/MHelps).
Rarely would get angry at someone because they are criticising or arguing with me.

What is something you wish to change.

The average amount of admins online during EU hours.
Maybe some parts of server rules, especially “rule-lawyering”, which as of now means arguing with admins in general(and have been abused by specific persons).
Something about the code and space ruins, which might lead to changing some rules about them.



It’s been about a month since you were last modded, and I’m not sure I’ve seen much of any change in regards to your beliefs about our policy since then. Can you explain what you think has changed in regards to your understanding with the rules and staff policies?

First of all, the time when I wanted to try out the moderator’s powers has passed, I did pretty much everything so there will be much less unneeded antagonist/round interactions.

Secondly - I do understand that we should work as a team, not as a bunch of randos with a common goal.
I will attempt to interact with other administrators as much as it is needed, avoiding conflicts when possible.

Speaking of it, I believe that I can trust other moderators and admins while there is a lack of staff on the server.
I shall de-admin as an antagonist or a simple player if there is anyone else online.
If they feel like they need help - they can always ask me.

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Application denied. We are still quite concerned about your behavior and things haven’t improved as far as we have seen.