Eibon Contrib App - Mapper

Byond Account: IVlalygos
Character Name(s): Wilhelm Ostwald
Discord Name: Eibon#8091
Age: 22
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Active hours: random
How long have you played on Fulpstation? 7 months

Added shuttle entry for the wiki mapper page and currently remaking cerestation so fulp players can play on it, pictures can be provided upon request.


+1 good with maps and a very nice person overall. Helping with the guide and wiki is a huge plus as well.


+1 from me, they make maps and isnt scared to ask for help and suggestions

Big +1 from me. The map looks really well made and I can always see him asking experienced players for advice on it.

+1 mappp man ahais88xh

+1 good mapper.

I don’t know anything about the maps; HOWEVER, you’re so friendly on the Discord that I have to drop a +1 here just for that.