Emagged recycler in maints prank does not, fortunately, go wrong

Byond Account: Viktor.mg
Character Name(s): Viktor Vertigo
Discord Name: Viktor
Round ID: 28966
Date: 25.10.2023
Griefer IC name: Zeek The Rat
Griefer Byond account (if known): BlessedLemon

What happened:
Zeek was a fellow bloodsucker on a bloodsucker round. We met near shiftstart, when they built and emagged a recycler right in front of my lair’s hidden entrance.
To be fair, I managed to get it deconstructed without giving away my lair’s presence, and it caused no damage to anyone in the end. I do not know of the griefer causing any other problems this round, either. But after looking them briefly up on discord, it seems like they have been causing problems in the past, so I am not giving them benefit of the doubt.

This was handled thanks for the report!