Emily Rogers abuses her paramedic access and consistenly rushes engineering each shift

Byond Account: Likteer

Character Name(s): Likteer

Discord Name: Likteer#4031

Round ID: 10755

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name: Emily Rogers

What happened:

Emily Rogers always rushes engineering in order to build stuff in medbay - a common issue with Paramedics, who appear to subconciously persist in a feeling, that they are just an upgraded assistant with a lot of access, who can also turn into a doctor whenever they feel like it.

The issue persists through many rounds, but since I’m describing the last instance - this is going to be a wall of text, because I wanted to do justice to the bad things I’ve done myself to the medbay staff, even if I didn’t start it.

During this round, I was very tired of the player, so I immediately disarmed them and threw their duffel bag into disposals, then started talking to them. Normally I could not even attempt dialogue, because that paramedic always run off after printing out/stealing whatever they wanted. She used the following arguments:

  • Engineers never upgrade medbay - common generalization, particularly unjustified, because of straight-up rushing to do it from round start, with no attempt to communicate with the department
  • There are no dead people yet - well sure, but this game isn’t forcing you to do the job roundstart-to-roundfinish, with no breaks. There is plenty of activities do, even merely equipping yourself.

After reluctantly agreeing to allow me to handle it, she proceeded to do it herself anyways (turns out she kept the toolbelt), argued over what way the beds should be adjacent to the computers (disapproved of the stuff that was tested before by other players/asked to do by good doctors I met) and generaly not listening to IC arguments of why she cannot do that.
A side issue arrises - Qal steele, the medical doctor - turns out he also somehow got his hands on a full engineering toolbelt and they started to do it together. When I shoved them away and attempted to correct the set-up, the doctor started stabbing me with a screwdriver. I responded with the same, but aimed for the eyes, because I deemed the welder too robust.
Speaking o a welder… Emily prepares too attack me with one, while another doctor who also somehow got a set of tools does just that. The rest of the round consists of me screaming ic insults towards their engineering competence and throwing empty threats, while laying on a stasis bed (me saying I’ll welderbomb Emily in my department if I find her rushing again, gets stated over common comms as “Likteer might be a traitor, he threatened to blow up medbay!”, for instance). Then I get up, state that I’m now a licensed medical professional, to which I get replied with “I’ll throw your brain out of the airlock”. Spess lag hits me hard, so I finally drop the cover of IC words, suicide and prepare to write the report.

This is like an MRP server right? So like people should be doing their job exclusively and not the job of others. So basically a paramedic only wants to do the meta of getting medbay upgraded with stasis beds when surgery tables do it faster and are easier to build. It would make more IC sense for a paramedic to know how to build a surgery table as it isn’t that complex. However a stasis bed is clearly way more complex and should be handled by the engineering department or a capable assistant with CMO permission.

Essentially what I get from this is the paramedic does the same shit every round. Metarush engineering steal tools and if someone gets in their way they will retaliate with aggression. It’s going against the MRP thing of doing your job and not other people’s job. This is the equivalent of a cargo tech stealing a security belt and going valid hunting. It’s not their job to arrest and valid hunt criminals so it sounds quite scummy. I’ll stop now sense I’m just some schmuck and not a administration. But I still believe this is fucking bad and MRP should be enforced upon the offender within this post aka The Paramedic.

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Apologies for the wall of gosh diddly darn text I added. But I felt like it was related to the topic and well I enjoy typing. Forgive me for expressing my opinion in such a long and un-summarized way.

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Likteer you shouldn’t start altercation with them IC every round just based on what they do. They can be reported but was there a need for you to start disarming them and throwing their bags in disposals?

Also does it matter how you want to set up the beds? you just wanted to keep fighting them, so you didn’t listen to the way they wanted to set them up, it doesn’t matter if its good or not, if doctors for the round want them set up in a way and ask you to do it the way they want, after you agreed to build it for them, you should just do it.

When someone breaks the rules, staff is there to deal with that, not up to you to fight them IC.

Round 10787 i’ve seen you build vault doors and reinforcered walls to block paramedics from going to engineering.
CMO comes and sees you build vault door, tries to pass you and enter engineering, you instantly start pushing them out and arguing.

…I mentioned I was not able to even build the machinery, because the paramedic started to do it herself anyways, despite previously agreeing not to, right before my very eyes. I described this particular round, due to it being a conclusion of a repeating issue + over 3 members of the medbay staff turned out to have acquired a full set of engineering tools, some of them not even with intention of upgrading medbay & while being a literal medical doctor

I threw the bag in disposals after a series of rounds where I had to accept it, because the paramedic either ran away, or lied to me, that the tools were for treating augmented patients.

Iirc, the vault door thing happened on an engineering revolution round (wasn’t a headrev though).

Sorted this out. In the future just report it to us so we can tell them not to do so, it’s hard for us to appreciate the report if, like what petar said, you’re griefing them for it.