Engineer murdering Cargo tech

Byond Account: goodham

Character Name(s): Rube Alliman

Discord Name: ghamb#2668

Round ID: 9102

Griefer Byond account: ??

Griefer Byond name: Ted Kaczynski 

What happened:

Just before the escape shuttle docked an engineer came through disposals into the mail room of cargo. He immediately rotated the belts and when asked not to said “Why are you policing fun”. From that point he made it a point to try and disturb the area. I attempted to push him to get him to stop to which he responded by getting a bat and beating me into crit. I guess fair enough but a bit over kill. He then continued hitting me until I was dead and threw me down disposals.

At end of round, was nonantag.

Taken care of.