Enrico Pucci, the Changeling

I, Enrico Pucci the Clown, arrive to Heliostation. First order of business, I went to Cargo and ordered a halloween beacon. Dancing man, the second-best costume I had in mind for my theme, first being a dracula suit.

I’m at the Bar asking the Chef why Pun Pun is missing with a suspicious trail of blood leading from the Bar to the Kitchen. That’s when a fire sparks. Some dumbass decided to light up bars of plasma. I do my duty and walk to the public storage and open a heater, but the battery drains fast. I ask the Chief Engineer for Maintenance access, which they happily agree to, helping me set more heaters up. It is no use, and my heaters run out of power. “Wait a minute”, I think to myself, “Cargo has a cell charger, this should be a quick visit”, unknowing to what is to come.

“What do u want”, the Supply deputy behind the desk asks.

“To use the cell charger”, I reply.

There’s a Supply deputy and 2 cargo techs, obviously all lizards. The supply deputy says something in a language I don’t understand to the two others, and they laugh.

“The cell chargers are for Cargonians only”, says one of the cargo techs.

“They’re for the whole station, I am part of the station, trying to help repair it”, I reply.

“Dont even try clown, i will beat the hell out of u”, the supply deputy says without hesitation.

“Is that a threat?”, I ask.

“Its a promise”, the deputy replies.

I, of course, cause a public outcry. An Assistant, a Security Officer, the Chief Engineer, and a Janitor gather around as my crowd, watching for the next 30 minutes as I try to talk my way into charging my space heater, only for the Deputy to continuously threaten and demean me.

One of the cargo techs, drunk off their ass, shoves me repeatedly as the Deputy does nothing but laugh. “U expect me to trust a clown?”, is a common phrase they gave me. A human technician tries to compromise, they build a cell charger right outside of Cargo bay for me to use. But I am too dedicated, they ruined my show, so my life is now dedicated to ruining theirs. They mentioned that they want to go deliver mail, but can’t because “u will break in the moment i leave”. Ok, then I’ll make sure you never can. I close my eyes for a moment and see myself praying for help, some other way I can get back at them. That’s when something I never thought would happen, occurs. I woke up as a Changeling.

My mind, racing, immediately adapt Cryogenic sting. A lizard gang, huh?

The drunk cargo tech starts choking over their own drunken vomit, and the deputy is forced to exit the front doors to get them to Medbay.

You silently sting Rejects-Humanity.





10 seconds later they turn around, declaring ‘ling’ to a crowd of many. I follow them to Medbay, where I sting them a couple more times, and steal some extra DNA from humanised monkeys, just in case, before heading back to cargo.

I ponder for a moment, “They are all speaking in that Lizardperson language, what if I put an end to that?”, as I adapt transformation sting.

The Deputy comes back with a Security Officer, to both our faces declares me as a Changeling. They try to walk by me, and turn into a random Human. Their face immediately turned into horror, and they bolted at me with their baton to arrest me. I do not resist the arrest, instead saying over and over that they are doing this outside their department, I never stepped foot in Cargo, they never said anything about doing anything OUTSIDE the department. Alas, I was ignored.

In the Brig, with an Officer, a Deputy, and an Assistant, they fail to decide my fate. After cryo stinging the Deputy many times over during a radiation storm, they still are unaware of what to do with me. The Assistant loots my equipment as the Deputy tells them to just put me in permabrig, which is an order the Officer listens to. I couldn’t think straight, I blindly cryostung the Officer, and immediately regretted it. I had nothing against the Officer, what have I done? Why have I stung them? They fall to the floor and I immediately start rushing them to Medbay, tears in my eyes, as the Officer asks why they feel so cold in their last few moments before their death, I am forced to deal with the consequences of my own actions.

When I finally reach Medbay, I see the Deputy dead on a stasis unit, stripped of all their equipment so the Doctor can do surgery. I unbuckle them from their bed and cryo sting them a few more times, yelling about the dead officer on my back requiring medical attention immediately! This distraction fails, and the Deputy gets back up, long enough to take their baton and arrest me. They drag me all the way to the Security post, but lacking their handcuffs they used to permabrig me, their baton runs out of charge, and the Deputy runs out of options. I get back up, shove the deputy, knocking their baton and ID out of their hands. I make a grab for the ID and run out, the Deputy follows, trying to get back at me. After repeatedly shoving each other, I cryo sting them, throw them into the security post, and close the doors, leaving them trapped in an area they have no access to exit.

Once again I stop processing everything going on in front of me. I know two things. I have a cargo deputy ID, and there is access on it. I run to Cargo, where I transformation sting the two cargo lizards into the very same human as the deputy, then I run to the Brig to remove my arrest and charge my baton, but first notice a body in the morgue that still has a soul, which I take to Medbay, and cryo sting the Deputy a few more times. At the Brig, the Assistant from the earlier crowd, now deputised, notices me. Immediately, said Assistant and the now-onboard Head of Security started chasing me. I decide the quickest way out is Disposals, and flush myself down, though not before I notice my bag on the floor and grab it, but the HoS follows.

In disposals, I find the Head of Security and a Moth Security Officer welding an energy gun. I surprise the HoS with my baton, which still has enough juice to stamina crit them, then baton the Officer once, allowing me to pick up their energy gun and use it on them both to get and keep them in stamina crit. The gun lasted long enough that I was able to take the Head of Security’s ID, headset, and eyewear, before dropping the gun and running off. I decide the next best thing is a departmental sec post, so I rush to the same one I locked the deputy in previously, who is no longer there. The Chief Engineer sees me along the way, and pulls out a stunbaton, what the fuck!? Before I realised it, I was stuck in an endless batoning cycle. My cryosting does nothing to help this time, as the Head of Security caught up to us before the Chief Engineer started feeling any of the effects. I am once again stripped of all my stuff, and they start looting me, but I spit ooze over my handcuffs and, in clearly unexpected fashion, make a grab for my remaining stuff and disposal myself.

This time, I found the Moth Officer still hanging around, but was in the process of arresting an innocent Clown whom they mixed up with me. I grab the Clown out of the Officer’s hands, showing intent to help them escape security, baiting the officer to take their baton out to prevent me from doing such, but then I grab the Clown aggressively and before the Officer realized, they had a Clown launched into their face, and their baton knocked out of their hands.

After the Officer falls over in pain, I grab their baton, beat them with it a few times, grab their ID for maintenance access, and start running for it. On the way out, the deputised Assistant shows up, showing off their telebaton with intent to wack me. With my power of night-vision, they don’t stand a chance against me in maintenance. Frustrated at a puny assistant trying to stop me, using Command and Security equipment, I vent all my frustration into them. Beating them. Over, and over, until they stop breathing. Then I kept beating them, until their face was covered in blood. I felt no remorse for my actions, the only thing I cared about was the moth officer I noticed crawling their way towards me ID-less, so I make a run out of maintenance and close the door behind me, trapping them in.

I rush trying to find a place to hide, and end up in the way of a Station Engineer carrying a stunprod and a shotgun. I stand around to see what they will do, from within a closet. I run past them and they begin to chase me. Expecting to be attacked, I turn around and baton them, waste their stunprod’s charge on them, then run off without thinking twice about it. My mind was set on escaping everything around me to gather my thoughts.

Without any idea on what to do, I make my way back towards Medbay, where I see the Supply deputy struggling to get back up from their last sting. I disguise myself as a Psychologist, and stuff them in a cryo cell, and wait. The moment they fell asleep, I opened the chamber back up, cryo stung them many more times, and dragged them into maintenance. They woke up lost and confused, I drop my flesh disguise and let them know whats happening, as I baton them. I tell them off for everything they did to me, the 30 minutes of constant death threats and insults for simply being a Clown. My monologue was cut short sadly, as they grabbed their pepper spray and shoved it down their throat. “She appears to have committed suicide… there is no hope for recovery”. I won. I finally won. I absorb their body in pure joy, realising I have completed my mission.

Quickly after, without thinking, I grab their body and move to the Brig. I let myself in with the Officer’s ID, then drop all my stolen possessions. I call the Head of Security to come to the Brig, but as they lack a headset, it takes some time before they realise. The Chief Engineer comes by, and I hand them the telescopic baton, expecting it to be theirs, and I turn out to be correct. The CE had a previously lost their telescopic baton fighting pirates, and after a bid-battle with the Bartender, they had a public bounty of 1400 for their baton returned safely, and that being why they had a stunbaton instead. Joyed that they no longer had to give the credits, they said they would trade a baton for a baton, and hands me their uncharged stunbaton instead, as well as some of my gear that they had taken from Medbay.

The Head of Security finally arrives, and I tell them of the murder I have committed. Surprisingly, the Chief Engineer and Assistant, who watched my breakdown in front of Cargo, vouched for me against the dead and husked Supply Deputy. Completely unphased by all this information, the Head of Security announces to their team that I should recieve a two minute sentence, which was somehow taken as a two minute grace period for me to get away from Security.
Despite everything I have done, despite being a Changeling, not only with all my equipment, but with a dangerous security stunbaton. There is no catharsis for my actions, I say out loud.

I hide away in my Theatre and think of what to do. I am lost, out of a purpose, of a reason. The Engineer that previously tried to attack me with a stunprod was back, and was trying to get revenge. They had a group around them consisting of a Janitor and an Intern Cargo Technician. I let them chase me for a while, but I baton the Engineer and his team quickly abandons him. I end up giving them pity, remembering what I had done to the Security Officer, and simply locked them in a room in maintenance without their ID and belt, listening to their whining over the Command radio about ‘shitsec’. Taking the belt for myself, I decide to put it to good use, as I jaws of life myself into the teleporter room to steal the hand teleporter, then use it to get into the Captain’s office, and finally steal the Captain’s locker for their headset, which I break open with a spear in Abandoned Medbay, just under the office.

After running back and forth by Security and the Chief Engineer, I realise that no matter what I do, I am never punished for my actions. The captain ends up calling the Emergency shuttle due to a meteor shower, and notices me with the hand teleporter and captain equipment, then tries to run at me several times, at the HoP office, Dorms, Medbay, Brig… I eventually gave up and stood completely still in front of them and the Captain. They baton me and order the Head of Security to put me in permabrig, to which I respond by telling the Head of Security can execute changelings without captain’s approval, as I am unable to be contained. The HoS refuses, no reason stated, but I can tell there is a broken man inside. I spit on my handcuffs once again, and the HoS doesn’t even lift a finger, just lets me walk off.


Soon after the kitchen fire, I bwoink this naughty clown and tell him he is not in fact Enrico Pucci, but he doesn’t agree. I try bwoinking him like 15 more times, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect, so I give up, somewhat similar to how the HoS appears to give up later in the tale.


You left out how there was another officer (moth) with the HOS in disposals