EOR ERP - Rules clearly must not exist

Byond Account: Tyrrano
Character Name(s): Tyrrano (Ghost Observer)
Discord Name: Tyrrano
Round ID: 12939
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Biggie BoBo
What happened:

So, EOR, right before server reset, I’m chilling, watching the EOR occur when I see a miner capsule. I don’t pay too much attention until I see: Unzips pants from Biggie BoBo. As the server is rebooting and I’m having my “Hofuck” moment, I screencap the chat log after scrolling up a little. This dude is some twelve levels of fucked up. I’ll let screenshots tell the story from here:
EOR ERP Round Reset -4

EOR ERP Round Reset -3

EOR ERP Round Reset -2

EOR ERP Round Reset -1

So yeah, fuck this shit. Not okay. I am genuinely uncertain if Oran G Uuus was actively involved or just a victim. I didn’t see enough to be certain there, but … Nah, I’ve said enough.

Gross. Taken care of- thanks!