Epic Title for a red text

  • Byond Account:
  • Character Name(s): G.3.M.3.R.G.U.R. L. P.R.E.S.E.T.
  • Discord Name: Moifern
  • Round ID: 8960
  • Griefer Byond account: John Willard
  • Griefer Byond name: John Willard
  • What happened: The very end of a nukies round before shuttle takes off, Willard and someone else are trying to break into the command room of the shuttle. As a sec borg with uphold the law and with antags still in the game, I was trying to disperse the people breaking down the doors. I didn’t even have a chance to act before john ran away and started axing me down, finishing me off and red texting me in a shift I almost died in 3 times engaging with antags and helping people. He claims I attacked him post round, but logs will show I never had a chance to. This was just grey tiding at it’s prime, red texting me in a round that I was enjoying up until then.

Edit: I know John is held in high regards on the server, but he should be held to the same if not a higher standard as a mentor IMO.

I latejoined as assistant, was told it was nukies, took fireaxe. Mediborg later attacked and attempted to kill someone in front of me, so I already had suspicions silicons were subverted (as is common with nukies). We were in the evac shuttle and you started chasing after me and started trying to shoot me for just fucking around in the shuttle’s rage cage, and since there’s no way to exactly arrest or at least disarm a borg, killing was really the only option I had.

Also, how did I ‘redtext’ you if you weren’t antag?

Taken care of.