Epilespy accessibility feature

While SS13 is pretty low-risk for Epilepsy triggers, there are some things that I’ve gotten folks ahelping about being issues, mostly spam flashes. I’d like to suggest having something in the character settings that you can enable to reduce some of the more triggering effects. Ideally, the effects would still be punishing to avoid people power gaming with the function. Some of the things I’ve discussed with @Slig as possible alternatives would be making flashes flash a black screen instead of white, and having space drugs make you blind instead of jerking the screen. When these effects are different, maybe having an explanation in the chat box to tell folks why things are different and how to turn off this setting would be useful. These wouldn’t wholly eliminate any epilepsy risk, but it could make the game more playable for folks who deal with these conditions.


i would be super happy to have something like this because ss13 has been the only game i’ve stuck with so long term because its both fun and as an epileptic we have like 0 video game options this would help out alot with other epileptic people because it feels bad to have to leave a game or close the window or your brain melts


I don’t have epilepsy but the effects of drugs in this game make me feel incredibly sick. It’s a really good recommendation but I’m unsure how something like this could work.

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I guess how I envisioned it so far, flashes would switch to a black screen instead of all white since that apparently is less triggering for most folks. Things like the jittery/rotating screen could just be blind, and any of the color effects maybe just color blind for the duration? My understanding of code is very limited, but it looks like you’d just need to change the light colors for flashes to something less harsh

I can’t speak much for epileptic people but I suppose it would make it slightly better. Good idea.