Eraukon Faust and Kylie Losey shitsec galore

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): Amelia Espinosa
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 10976
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Eraukon Faust and Kylie Losey
What happened:

Unknown greyshirt walks into Tech storage looking like hes trying to steal something. I do the logical thing and pick up a flash off the shelf, flash him, drag him out into the hallway and close the door.

Come to find out said greyshirt was an undercover detective and had me set to arrest.

When I found out about my status roughly 20 minutes from shiftend, I went to Security to talk it out and figure out what was going on. I said hello, Kylie flashed and arrested me, then took me straight to the execution chamber where they tested me for having the illegal rev implant. When I didn’t have it, Eraukon - the one operating at the pace of a glacier - then decided to perform a number of other surgeries including removing my eyes.

When someone walks up to you when they’re wanted and tries talking, then is proven to not be the antag they were accused of, your job is to fucking release them, not torture them for another 15 minutes because I called you some mean names because you cant do your job.

Direct quote from the server rules:

“Examples of grief include:
Removing other players limbs, drugging, or poisoning them needlessly, or removal of unique items like heirlooms.”

The test to see if I was a rev failed. I was supposed to, by law and the server rules, be released. Instead, they tried to implant me with someone else’s illegal implant and kept me detained and gagged for upwards of a total of 10 minutes after the test failed, in addition to removing my eyes.

Ahelps were submitted but nothing was done.

Undercover detectives can be useful but I think it should be properly defined in the rules somewhere to avoid situations like these. From this patrol, it’s justified to kick out that assistant.

Taken care of sorry that happened! Very stinky