Eugenia Roby and Troll repeatedly self antag, resist demotion and self antag after demotion

Round ID: 14987
Character name: Tuyi
Ckey: TheVillageStoneMason
Griefer names: Troll and Eugenia Roby.
What happened: The shift starts with me heading to serviec to find a chaplain. Eugenia Roby, trying to validhunt a scientist, Lain, as he was a suspected heretic. I split the two up and brig the chaplain for assault (mainly to punish validhunting). I was the HoP and acting captain at this point. After they got out of prison, they assaulted ME with their null rod so I cuffed them to demote them. Troll comes and tries to free the chaplain from my grasp (as I witnessed them do to 2 sec arrests, so it was clear they were self antagging). The mime steals my baton and puts me in crit, despite me only batoning them for stam damage. At this point, I ahelp them and leave it there.

Later they both escape from prison, after both being demoted by me (both of which actively refused to be demoted, a rulebreak in itself) and told not to return to service. Troll uses this time to flash and push me around. At evac, the chaplain incites mulitple people to attack me and “punish” me. They (Eugenia, troll and others) put me in hardcrit and I was saved by a borg. I seek them out on the shuttle which they are fighting command and security on and kill Eugenia.

They both self antagged multiple times (assault, validhunting and freeing criminals from sec’s grip) refused to be demoted (which I told them I was going to do, meaning they forcefully resisted demotion) and did so after they were warned in ahelp (which is why this is a grief patrol). Both were not antags.

Troll taking my stuff after putting me in crit on the shuttle.

Eugenia Roby rallying people to kill me at evac.

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The issues with Troll were handled by your ahelp in round. However I looked into the other issues with the players trying to murder you at evac and have acted accordingly!