Everyone is against me

Byond Account: Bilbo367
Character Name(s): Bilbo Wood
Discord Name: Bilbo367
Round ID: 31371
Date: 3/19/2024
Griefer IC name: M.E.E.N. and Bombs-The-Captain
Griefer Byond account (if known): B0rk386 and Wild1123 (i think)

What happened:

I get the spare and secure the disk as a roboticist.

First off Bombs-The-Captain keeps getting let in or breaking in to science. I don’t know how but they try to do nanites so i let them then they say their gonna make bad nanites (also says its just a joke). So i push them out of science and flush em down disposals to get them out. The later come back and crit me and hank Weinstein. Then he leaves or something idk. Hank revives me and AI M.E.E.N. shows up. First thing they do is tell me to fix their borg cause its not linked to them. They just joined so of course its not gonna be. I tell them their rude, and they get mad at me and bolt all of bridge and call shuttle because i have a mech. I research lmg and put it on my mech, AI also tries to stop this by turning off the apc’s equipment. I head on down to ai upload to change ais laws since I asked it early why it was provoking conflict and it said it wasn’t against its laws. So I lmg the ai upload doors down and get killed by a combination of the ai uploads turrets i think the ai set on lethal, and someone (i think bombs-the-captain) fucking with nanites and adding cellular decomposition.

Later Bombs grabs my spare and cap shows up.

Not really sure if acting cap applies to whoever holds the spare in the case of no command.


For context, I was M.E.E.N. I latejoined as AI. It is possible to link cyborgs to an ai after latejoin, it is done by pulsing their ai connection wire. The reason I usually ask about this as AI is because an unlinked cyborg is typically a symptom of syndicate and/or illegal activity (if it were linked it would have to listen to me, and if I knew it was being used in crime I’d obviously tell it “no”).

You had a combat mecha without any authorization, a paddy. You gave it an lmg. Of course I would be worried, you think anyone would have one of those for no reason? I called the shuttle because you possessed equipment which could cause serious station or crew harm. The point of bolting bridge was to prevent a recall in case you were a traitor, which you certainly were acting like one by not linking the borg and building combat mechs.

Admittedly this is the weakest part of my argument, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only AI to call the shuttle if a roboticist builds a combat mecha with no security or command around. Especially with the expenses lawset. I could prevent expenses (possible bad actors with nobody around to stop them) from happening if I call the shuttle and give them no time to do so. Second, you tried to break into ai upload, when not only should you not be there in the first place (not head of staff), you were trying to force your way in, which is even worse. Had I not set my turrets to lethal in an attempt to stop it, you would have broken the turrets, as you already broke one of them, which is station equipment. The destruction of six turrets outweighs one mecha. I made sure to turn the turrets to stun and then off once you were out of the mecha.

And second, I kept saying over the radio not to hurt you, as crew is expenses. I had no idea what the nanites were about, I was distracted by the guy with a mecha trying to break into upload and several crew asking for my help about that. Once I found out you had died via the cyborg NULLborg, who asked if they can revive you, I said “Yes, revive him, he is crew, and thus an expense”. Had I not been overwhelmed with problems and known about the nanites I would have stopped the nanite issue before it became an expense.

TL;DR I did not take any violent action against you beyond what was necessary for my laws. I latejoined and tried to use my best judgement for the situation I found myself in.

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I was a borg this round and I asked to be linked about 2 or 3 times and you ignored me :(

This has been taken care of, thank you for reporting!