Explosive outburst

Byond account - Twox
Player name - Twox Twixington
Discord name - Twox#1296
Griefer name - Unknown
Round ID - 10202

Around shiftstart I see this wanker of a cargo tech murdering Paperwork because “He is evil”, decide to let it go and get everything organised, a minute later he then breaks down the window to my office to steal my locker and try to force it onto the cargo shuttle under the convincing guise of “I have the only ordering console”. Only stopping after a security officer chased him away and repaired the window for me. After all this I let hop know to demote him and continue my day.

A while later the bellend comes into cargo dragging a welding fuel tank behind him, I tell him he’s fired, and upon hearing this he walks straight up to me and blows up the cargo bay.

Round report shows he wasn’t an antagonist of any form.

Tried to find the name but I couldn’t see it anywhere - apologies on that part.

Dealt with, thanks Twox!