Ezekiel Coates mentor application

Byond Account: BigDongPingPong
Character Name(s): Ezekiel Coates
Discord Name: Rod
Age: young age of 25 (bald)
Timezone: GMT

Active hours: mostly during the evening 6 pm gmt and then 10 or 11 pm gmt

Are you interested in becoming a mod?: I have no idea

How long have you played on Fulpstation? I don’t really remember, maybe 2020 or 2021

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?


  • I can solve all types of injuries and problems rather quickly
  • I know how chemicals work, the pH system, how to make hardcore plumbing factories.
  • I know how curing a disease works and most of the symptoms. I’ve develop standard virus, but i find viro boring so i don’t have in-depth knownledge
  • I fixed Timmy-Two-Toes probably 20 gorillian times by now without any major issues


  • I know how the research tree works, and how to do experiments and what better parts do
  • Building, repairing, messing with borgs wires and know how to build every mech
  • I know how to feed slimes, kill them, how to get cores, the hotkeys and some tips
  • I know how circuits work and know how to make translators, doors that count the visitors
  • Understanding how ordnance bombs work, custom trit setups, hypernob bombs and core refining
  • Medium knowledge of genetics because i find it boring, but i can get mutations and distribute them i guess


  • Understanding of the space fulp law, how to mood max, tips about what to look for, what different antags do, good hotkeys and other robust tips


  • Reached the janitors cape
  • Know how to mix some drinks
  • Know how to give access, how different ids work, paint ids and pdas.
  • Some basic botany, but not very in-depth


  • I know how the sm works, how to set it up, wacky setups, what different gasses do, how to prevent it from exploding, good pratices.
  • How to build most structures like station objectives and others (SMES, APCS, lights)
  • Good understanding of atmospherics, how the layout works, customs setups for gas farming, can produce stuff with the crystalizer. Tips and secret jutsus
  • I like to think i understand the HFR, i do, i can produce rare gasses without it exploding. But i really don’t know how it works sometimes. Schrodinger HFR knowledge


  • I know how the cargo console works, bounties, using the scanner, using mules and the chute system
  • Can get some materials flowing, kill some weird dogs and hl2 zombies (haven’t played the new overhaul)
  • I think i completed every bitrun level (old ones)

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I enjoy helping. There’s a lot of nice people on fulp that i would like to help. That’s all

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+1 the very language of this application suggests higher intellect and intrest in becoming the best one can become, the very writing, context, and language all written in perfect english. They must be an terrefic mentor, and an member of earth. This human would be an fitting mentor, and perhaps… cattle for the mods

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+1 (sympathy vote)

they know how to supermatter and atmos, that alone is a +1 from me, the more people who can teach it the better

+1 never had a bad interaction with them. They a cool guy.

+1 Accidentally flamed them once