F.U.C.K not following its laws on a hijack round because they didn't feel like it

Byond Account: Hehehhhhhehehhhh

Character Name(s): Veezara-Jeen

Discord Name: Bambooze

Round ID: 10643

Griefer Byond account: Mcguffing

Griefer Byond name: F.U.C.K

What happened: Purged the AI, then uploaded a freeform law saying:

The AI then proceeded to to tell everyone on command radio about this law, didn’t follow it because they didn’t feel like killing people, and then asked command to change its laws to a different lawset.

I ahelped, and asked for staff to replace the AI with one that will actually follow its laws, but this was then marked as an IC issue.

I purged and freeformed the AI multiple times over the course of the whole shuttle timer to prevent command from changing the laws. I gave up when the AI was obviously being a massive shitter and not following its laws.






This completely ruined my hijack, and is in my opinion, worthy of at least a permanent silicon ban.

This is why I totally hate Silicons, fucking stop complaining about your laws and breaking them if you don’t like it. F.U.C.K, Don’t play Silicon ever again please

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Yeah I hate when players don’t follow laws. One time on bee I was murder ones by two of my spiders who’s mother had specifically left them with the directive to protect me.

Please, post only if you can provide information relevant to the grief patrol, not to state your opinions.

Sorted this out and have permanently rolebanned them from AI, thanks for the report.