Failed self-antagging for powergaming items. Lied to Smod and continued to provoke for ages

Byond Account: EhMGee
Character Name(s): Zander McShain
Discord Name: MG#9334
Round ID: 12618
Griefer Byond account:???
Griefer Byond name: Beau Kopple
What happened:

I was roundstart bartender, they joined about 3s later than I did. I went in the back before they got in, and as they sawe me pick up the shotgun they just said: “No” and proceeded to fight me and chase me through all the way to sec, lying about me stealing the shotgun from them.

After yet more shoving and having to try and get some kind of help, I just told them I’d Ahelp if they kept this up, because at this point I consider this self-antagging, in order to get them to leave me the hell alone.

They then chased me all the way to PTS, where we had a final confrontation, toolboxing eachother until the curator came in with a sword and saved me from that entire scenario.

They revived and went to hop to get a new ID, lying about me taking them to kitchen as bartender, even though I’m certain bartenders don’t even have kitchen access for one, and two, I was going to locker them until the ticket was resolved.

After they got revived, the ticket was still going, and they tried to use me typing to the admin to get the shotgun back. Continued to spin bullshit about me stealing it. And accused me to the admin of critting 3 people apparently, when I wasn’t even the one who crit them in the first place.

Now, we’ve all had a moment where we made a stink over someone getting to an item first. But willfully targetting someone and griefing their round just for a single item… Lying to other players, let alone a senior admin. I really don’t get where someone can get off acting like this. I seriously hope there are consequences for this because it basically ruined my round. 20 minutes of my life spent dealing with some internet karen, and 20 more screenshotting and writing this report so I don’t have to worry about getting griefed later.
I came back after writing this to it being gone from my person while I was in the bar closet. Shoved them and took what I thought was my shotgun, but was actually a riot shotgun. They told me to give it back and I told them that I upgraded since they took my shit. They then shot me and stole it while I edited on the shuttle.]

-my old acc on forums didn’t work so I needed to make a new one, rescreenshotted and posting on here:

let me clarify here that me talking about the critting 3 people was me just confusing your ahelp with another persons. your issue got caught up with someone else that happened to attack one of the people involved in this incident.

Ah, my bad. I presume they still told you I stole the shotgun from them though, correct?

no fun. you need permission to access the screenshot. just directly upload the images one by one next time.

could only go one at a time, gonna fix that issue rn tho
[edit: fixed!]

Looks like this was handled in game by a staff member. If you disagree with a staff members assessment of a situation you can make a staff report: