False framing of harmless bomb situation

Byond Account: gamedevwifu
Character Name(s):  (something) becket  using name randomizer
Discord Name (Platonically Ideal Prince#9992):
Round ID of Ban:  Round id: 17510  Ban ID: 23783

Ban Message: Screenshot - 9e7090de7d93fbcb4bd8065f83639c6b - Gyazo
State your appeal:
In this round i was not a syndicate operative but an engineering member that decided to explore space after setting up solars.
So basically, i foud a syndicate self destruct bomb in ruins outside the station in a
different z-level After experimenting with it there and figuring how to bolt and unbolt
it as well as how to defuse it i decided i would take it over to the station for a prank.
I would threaten security with a bomb threat to convince them to give me loot and a
meeting with the captain for shits and giggles (Mind you i never planned on the
bomb exploding and i knew exactly how to diffuse and took all the steps i possible
could to make this dangerless fun ).

After making my threat and activating it on a long fuse (600 seconds) outside of
the holodeck i started waiting for security to bring a representative for neogitiation
after not seeing anyone after talking in public radio for the first 60 seconds i
decided to go outside a window on the brig.
There i saw two security officers who i explained the situation to, i told them that " I
have a bomb that will explode within a certain timeframe and they need me alive to
difuse it and i wish to speak with a representative for negotiations".
The warden comes in deciding they wanted to handle the situation, the stun laser
me and i tell them that i am the only one who knows how to difuse the bomb so
arresting me is out of the cards. To which they responded by saying fuck it and
grabing a lethal laser and repeatedly shooting at the bomb with it. I was trying to tell them to stop, but they kept going till it blew up me, them a big part of the brig and two security memebers.

After that happened before receiving any pings about it i decided to use the adminhelp command to explain the situation and make sure we are good, that be it with a hastier explanation that probably failed to convey the whole entirety of the situation and the responding admin decided to respond with a ban.

In my prespective i had no way of knowing the security HR would act so irresponsibly and carelessly in a bomb situation, my goals were not to blow stuff iup and i didn’t think that would even be possible considering i trusted in the better judgment of security to let me difuse the bomb and not directly shoot at it.
All i wanted was to use leverage and have a madlad moment where i get fun loot and speak with the captain and difuse the bomb.

Now i am writing this appeal fully aware that previous things ive done on the station did cause trouble, most of them were due to ignorance of the inner workings of the codebase and bad decision making and dumbfuckery on my part, and frankly i wouldn’t mind getting a ban of this caliber or a bit longer duration for any of those.
But, in this case its hard to take accountability for what happened, i couldn’t have known that a high ranking member of security (the warden) would decide to detonate the bomb outside security.

And i am writting this appeal mostly to clear up how this is written on my ban record which is : “Grief brought a self destruct bomb on the station from a spawner and blew up a portion of security.” which really gives a bad impression to any admin or future admin going through my logs.
I find this description inaccurate and missing the nuanced of the situation making it sound like something entirely different from what it was and not taking account the actions of the warden, my motives or the fact that i was not the one who detonated the bomb and warden was.

What is with these anti-ban appeals? You weren’t an antag you can’t RP as a terrorist as just a normal crew. You have no grounds to stand on you ARMED a bomb in sec. The warden shouldn’t have made it go off but you should have oh i dont know armed it so its lethal??? The bomb wouldn’t have gone off and made the round early if you
A: Didn’t bring it to the station
B: Armed it
C: Threaten sec that you where gonna let it detonate if they don’t do what you want.

Three days is generous for some thing that is so clearly self antag and having gotten 3 notes in the span of 3 days.