FancySquid Ban appeal for "Hate Speech"

Byond Account: FancySquid
Character Name(s): Tobias Reiper / God
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Squig#3827
Round ID of Ban: 12369
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - 998a2db9d1a5cb1efb92d5adb8a128f1 - Gyazo
State your appeal:
I’m relatively new to the game let alone the server so I wasn’t fully read up on the rules so when I was brutally beaten and kidnapped by a deputy in a clown mask who ended up being a heretic in my dying breath I called him ( a derogative term for a homosexual male) Sliggist corrected me so I apologized immediately

Later on I became a “super mining robot” and unsure of what I was supposed to do with my abilities I said using the button that lets me talk to my “handler” (or whatever it was called) “I like cum”.
Having heard that phrase and similar other ones from other players and being a homosexual myself I assumed that it would be alright to say, then I immediately replied to my own message with no homo regarding what I said not having Homosexual intent. and Sliggist messaged me and said " why are you like this (then provided what I said)" . Not knowing if Sliggist was upset or laughing off the stupid comment I made, I replied with something along the lines of “Uhh it’s an rp thing, I signed up for a job I knew nothing about”
I was Immediately banned for 3 days (BanID #16417). According to a friend of mine on the server I was banned for speaking sexually to a minor which is not what my ban initially said but that aside, how would I know I was communicating with a minor let alone how did Sliggist know it was a minor? I had assumed on a game where you can force feed people acid and boil them alive or kidnap and surgically remove someone organs and limbs then deep fry them and eat them saying something as menial as “I like cum” would be disregarded. It is ridiculous that a new player is made an example of while admins disregard other people doing the same thing, if the concern was like Sliggist told my friend “The poor innocent children” then why can people go around as robots dragging paintings of veiny penises or graffiti the entire main hall way with the text “FUCK LIZARD”. This is a ridiculous double standard .
My friend questioning the admin and not understanding what was stated was subsequently banned from requesting admin help. I’d like to request that he be unbanned from the admin help as he did nothing wrong
his ByondID is : TacticGuy
his ingame name is: Johnny Lowstetter
Thanks for the fun times guys

Im not doing this appeal because i did the ban but heres the tickets for context

fancy1 fancy2

and having your friends message me to unban you does you no favors. I don’t care that you’re gay no one cares about that its being sexual to minors and being talked to twice in a game about how you talk to people.

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Sliggist please provide logs of everything you and TacticGuy talked about because I only told him “I was banned for 3 days” I never told him to ask you to unban me

Thank you can you also provide evidence that the person I spoke to was in fact a minor because I would prefer there be evidence before someone tries to defame me as the type of person whom is

regardless of who you said it to, we have a 0 tolerance for sexual content. just because you don’t ahelp when you see stuff like that doesn’t mean you get a free pass.

That’s fair. I didn’t know about any of this until today I’ve only been on the server for a few days I didn’t know where to find the server rules, but knowing what I know now because I was uninformed of the rule regarding sexual content and only having one offense regarding sexual content can I have one final warning? If I slip up again I will accept to consequences.

The “I’m gay I thought it was ok” card doesn’t work here. A good portion of our staff are gay, and if you are actually gay, you should know why you don’t use that term against people. Being gay doesn’t mean you can break server rules on sexual content, which you obviously didn’t read. Being new can excuse a lot of dumb stuff but not breaking our rules on sexual content and hate speech. If you want us to look into the conduct of another player, file a grief patrol, but “he broke the rules too!” didn’t work in kindergarten, and it’s not going to work here.

Appeal denied. Come back in 3 days if you’ve read the rules by then.