Fastest way to get janitor cape (even on a clean station)

Cape speedrun any%

You will need:

  • One fly swatter
  • Mop with a lot of water OR
  • Advanced mop
  1. Go to the stations holodeck

  2. Set the simulation to “pet park”

  1. Show em whos boss with your flyswatter!
  • Each butterfly will spawn about 7 gib tiles
  1. When you have finished your pest genocide switch to a different simulation then switch back
  • The gibs wont disappear but the butterflies will respawn
  1. Repeat for as long as you need, then switch to “offline”

  2. With your mop ready, clean the FLOOR not the gibs

  • This will clean all of the gibs on one tile at once, do this on every tile you can reach

ENJOY YOUR CAPE!!!1111!!!1!!1!!!


So this is the reason half the station has broken lightbulbs every round