Fatcat1234 Ban appeal sorry for the mess

Byond Account:Fatcat1234
Character Name(s):Ed Chilton ( scientist )
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Fatcat
Round ID of Ban:25912

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

  1. I was telling my story and i not ignoring when i was almost done i got banned , is my fault i should respond first sorry about the time i wasted
  2. My welderbomb can’t be deny 100% is my fault , so i combine a igniter and infrared emitter to make a device that interact when you walk in the laser . Well I got a idea , i attached it in a fuel tank i got excited for see what i can do with it and yes it blew up in front of med no one was kill , breach got patch quickly but it still a huge mess im sorry.
  3. Yes i were standing still and not doing anything my reason is that i busy thinking the stuffs i can do with it , a trap , funny minigame or to deal with hostile mobs like blob , evil sentient mob something like that improve it to somesoft of advance bomb . Im verry sorry for my careless i should move it to safer place or warn people about it when show it to them , i should warn the ripley then standing watching like a idiot . No one die but still a huge mess , i ruined the place , people time and mostly my self im a complete idiot . With 1000 hours i earned this ban , fulpstation is the best station i ever play i really enjoy it and all the people and you guys make it even better through years i respect it , well still have issue but it will be fix soon ( i hope ) .
  4. This is the end of my appeal thank for reading this respect it , again sorry for the trouble i been warned alot so i deserve this ban , hope you have a good day cya.

This was only a perma because you didn’t answer the ticket, so I’m reducing it to what it would be in progression, which is 3 days. You should be able to connect to the server again on the 16th.