Favorite antag?

yeah what’s your favorite antag i like wizard

security officer


does shitmin count




Nuke ops is the most fun to play and fight against imo, makes for an interesting round. Regular tator is good too

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Sentient disease, revolutionaries, Malfunctioning AI and swarmer.

nuclear ops because spamming syndie bombs is fun lol

I like Nightmare because its funny when captain or hos chase you when you’re allowed to round-remove them

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Traitors - Yeah I like vanilla.

Nuke Ops - Quick, vanilla murderbone with everyone involved. Unlike Revs, ends quickly after Nuke Ops win.

Wizard - Murder, but with magic. Also Summon Guns exists and the amount of memes you can do is great. Sad it’s not as common.

Bloodsucker - It’s fun to be neutral evil and still having fun stuff to use.

bloodsuckers (when it dosent break)
Traitor (because its been made actually somewhat fun)
Wizard (MAGIC)

I like normal traitor and malf AI the most.


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Meteor and Immovable rod, the most fun to watch while observing a round and answering ahelps.

Swarmer. for those rare occasions where I convince someone to chase me to wherever I have been storing my army, that and people seem to hate each swarmer personally

I like the vampire

Pyroslime or devil

Antagonist simplemobs are kinda quirky

true dude, ai infiltrator is so cool, i wish i could roll it again


I love malf AI when I get it, granted it has more than just assassinate X objectives (Way too easy).
Lot’s of tools as its disposal and encourages teamwork with your cyborg.

Other than that, bloodsuckers are neat - it’s always fun making a vassal army.
And uuh, most simplemob antags are a favourite of mine. They’re simple and fun to play since you use more of your unique kit rather than stuns, weapons, access, ext.
Mostly space dragon and revenant (If I could fucking roll it.)