Favorite map, and why?

I personally like Pubby, the Space Monastery is so cool!

box station (not icebox)

Delta Station despite how much @JohnWillard hates it for having only 2 brig cells and how Lawyers have sec locker access (that last one wasn’t always like that, I dunno why that changed and have to semi agree that’s also dumb).

Why do I like Delta Station?

  • Front Desk of brig is accessible to lawyer so they can play a concierge if they have nothing to do.
  • The service maints are neat and easily accessible and have a clear direction ofnhow to move thru them.
  • The AI upload is also in AI chambers, so AI has more time to resist lawchanges if it’s deemed it would break your current laws.
  • Cargo has a cool office layout for people passing by it in the halls, right next to a coffee bar/custom shop for anyone who wants to take control of that.
  • People are less likely to bother you as a geneticist in the science department based on its layout.

While I can understand some peoples gripes with the map, it’s still my favourite around how I like to play during rounds.

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Metastation since it has imo the best med
Also close second is pubby cause I missed it.

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kilo station as its funny tto watch people suffer

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All but Kilo tbh.
All have some stuff I like, alongside stuff I don’t like. :man_shrugging:

Detta fanboys represent!
uh cause atmos big chamber and easy access to space perfect map???

my favourite is not a thing because helian is scared to face it
Heliotram Station

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U Suck If Don’t Like Icebox