Feature Request - Altar Sects

Currently, there are only 2 sects there, technophile, or the one that does nothin. While I personally don’t have any ideas right now, this could certainly, this feature could certainly make fulpstation more unique.

When we update, we’re gonna get the technophile buffs /tg/ made, as well as the everlasting candle sect, bringing it to 3 total. we’d need an idea for a sect if you want to add one, and there’s people in the dev channels on the discord that can help you try to make it yourself if you’re up for it.

I think it’d be cool if there were a honkmother sect. I’ve been seeing a lot more honkmother chaplain RP lately, and there’s already a clown null rod. Maybe the chaplain could put x amount of bananas or bananium on the altar and get some mildly annoying clown related thing, or maybe like a small, non-hostile clown angel thing that players could control a la regal rat?

YES! extra text. the fucking spam detector is a bit zealous

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Maybe like, a 1% chance of spawning a giant ass honkmother (which I don’t think exists in /tg/ code, so we’d have to make it) or one of the not-OP clown megafauna?

I’m thinkin maybe a greytide sect or some shit would also be cool but, I feel like attempting make a sect both be balanced and fun would be pretty fuckin hard plus if anything too good gets added, even if balanced people are going to powergame the shit out of it.

RP *laugh

I was thinking about that too; there’s the hypertool as a null rod, and I think it’d be neat to try to make sects for the different null rods, even if some are reskins of each other

will the everlasting candle possible close to lamp? As a moff i would gladly be a lamp chaplain!

ooh one time, rick and i got they hypertool and printed like 50 multitools and gave em out as chaplains, but yeah null rod sects sounds epic, also more chap holy armour would be nice, i actually started to sprite some but put it down like everything else…