Fern's Contributor Re-Application: Coder

Byond Account: fernandoj8
Character Name(s): Jean(-Luc) Carter, Waters-The-Plants, Junal-Gelesh, Tin LXVI, Tim Lexvis, Cinnabar Hudson, Alnair DL, Campbell Haze, Lacida Obscura, Danny Welty

We’ve got quite a history together, haven’t we?

Discord Name: FernandoJ8, A miscellaneous Fern
Age: 19, as of today.

  • How long have you played on Fulpstation?

In-game, an image will speak louder than words:


In real time, three years, justabouts.

  • Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!

I’ve always worked on fixes more than anything, but here are some PRs that brought and continue to bring me joy:


Hello. It’s been a while.

Something like 7, 8 months have gone by since I stepped down and left. I haven’t played much SS13 since then, save the occasional trip to this or that server that some friends would bring to my attention. I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t bring myself to move on and forget about fulp, even though I tried to. I’d like to stay, and if I’m going to stay I’d like to help. Being a contributor again puts me in a better position to do that.
Plus, it’s my birthday, just like with the mentor app. That’s just delightfully dramatic.

Isn’t it?

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Probably does good PR’s +1

made beefmen not be able to pick their trauma, +1

hey this guy seems pretty cool happy birthday +1

+1 New member doing a tgu is goated

+1 don’t ever leave us again :sob:

accepted welcome to the mod team