Fern's mentor application

Byond Account: fernandoj8
Character Name(s): Jean-Luc Carter, Tim Lexvis (formerly Tin LXVI), Junal-Gelesh, Campbell Haze
Discord Name: a_miscellaneous_fern
Age: 18
Timezone: CET/CEST
Active hours: Mornings and Afternoons on weekends / during vacation (9:00-22:00); Afternoons on workdays (16:00-21:00)
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yes.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

As of writing this, 2 years and 7 months of real time and 1082 hours of in-game time.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

  • Medical:

My very first main and still one of the departments I have the most hours in. I consider myself a very proficient MD and I have extensive knowledge of the job’s duties and how to best perform them, including some of the less frequently used mechanics (sterilization speed boosts, chem stacking, head transplants, etc.). I generally have no issues treating any healable condition or producing any chemical by hand and I do believe I could comfortably tutor others.
My experience in virology is limited, but I’m quite knowledgeable on its mechanics and workings.
My weakness ultimately lies in plumbing, which I know only the fundamentals of. However, to any reasonable reader, this should be a positive trait.

  • Engineering:

My single most played department, almost entirely on the Atmos Technician side of things. I know how to repair structural damage of any kind and how to build and upgrade most machines. I’m familiar with the way the station’s powernet works, how to set up power sources, etc. My knowledge of Telecomms is limited but usable.
Atmospherics is where my main strength lies. I’m familiar with the synthesis of almost every gas in the game, along with most crystallizer recipes. I know how to optimise most atmos systems, ranging from Distro and Waste to the turbine and the SM, and I’m quite experienced with the latter, being able to pull off some fairly extravagant setups. I know how to use air alarms, heaters, scrubbers etc. effectively in order to fix active fire alarms and atmosphere alarms. I’ve given atmos bootcamps before and would be eager to continue doing so, as well as helping with the more technical/niche questions that mentorhelps often leave unanswered.

  • Security:

My experience comes mainly from playing as Detective and, to a lesser degree, Warden. I believe I have very good knowledge of Space Law and SOP. While I still wouldn’t call myself robust, I’ve learned a good amount of tricks to use in combat. Investigation and interrogation are my favourite parts of the job and I pride myself on frequently using the often neglected Interrogation and Evidence rooms, as well as mechanics like the detective Spyglass.

  • Service:

There’s not a whole lot to say for this one, but I’m familiar with the somewhat intricate flavour mechanics of bartending and I am a competent cook and botanist, though I excel in neither.

  • Science:

I’m familiar with almost all the Exp-scanner experiments and with the structure of the Research Techweb.
I’ve very good knowledge of toxins, mainly due to its overlap with atmos, and competent knowledge of xenobiology. I have hardly used circuits and have only passing knowledge of cytology.
I’m comfortable with all the facets of genetics and have basic knowledge of robotics.

  • Supply:

I know most of the mechanics of cargo, including paperwork and what exports are useful. There’s not a whole lot to this one either, but I’m quite a competent technician.
On the miner side of things, I mainly focus on procuring mats rather than combat, so I can offer advice on how to efficiently mine minerals but I’m not particularly good against megafauna.

  • Command:

I have little experience, but I’m knowledgeable in the specific mechanics of the HoP and the responsabilities of all the command positions.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I think our Rules and Policies are solid, and very good at fostering an environment where RP can take place. I see this potential often go unrealised though, and players and mentors alike should try to create opportunities for it more often. This is particularly true in the interactions between sec and antags, and I usually try and push for more RP there.

I also think it’s important to push for more proactive teaching and reaching out to new players. Mentorhelp is useful, but many newbies are too overwhelmed by the complexity of learning the game and its controls to even learn that the feature exists or how to use it properly. Plus, teaching in person is always more effective.

Lastly, although it probably doesn’t need mentioning, we could certainly use more mentors and mods during EU hours. There is often a lack of both during lowpop times.

Also, obligatory piece of history, belonging to the now buried policy requests channel. Anyone else feel old?


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