First moderator of 2022 (fuck you sheets)

Ok so it started with this


then THIS BITCH made a mod app


In order to beat him i must do something not done before


BYOND username: TheVillageStoneMason
Discord name: MasonMasonMason#7027
Join date: February 2020
Hours: 1500
When available: British time, afternoons (idk what that is in like the BST EST stuff)
How long as mentor: Well I was mentor and mod prior for a while
Something you do well: Squats (and yknow i already know the mod stuff)
Something you wish to change: man im seeing a lot more shitters since i left (Rays-The-Almond)

I left a few months ago to focus on uni; however, i’ve learnt that doesn’t stop me at all, so i might as well do modding as a ghost while i’m at it. I wish to made a mod before Jed and a mentor before Rays (consider this a mentor app if not accepted as mod :frowning:) this isn’t ironic.

oh yeah i left as mod last time as i enjoyed playing more than modding
i dont really care too much anymore


so true +1

the villlage stone mason +1

clinically insane +1

Hi +1

probably won’t use their mod powers to turn themselves into a felinid +1

I’m going to turn you into a Felenid

Also +1 I like him

There is absolutely no proof this man is good at squats.

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Taught me about leg exercises, +1

Serious note though, I think an exception here is more than reasonable since you already were staff and left on good terms.

Something you wish to change: man im seeing a lot more shitters since i left (Rays-The-Almond)

hey man wtf I think you mean to write “Tuyi”

but hell ye +1

Rides got one and this guy isnt a gross felinid player, +1

I want to beat them up and break their glasses +1

I want Sheets to lose +1


dont drop out for ss13

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+1 would be happy to see you has a mod again!

+1 yellow to mod!

Accepted! Welcome to the mod team!