Flick Bousum breaking the hippocratic oath. As a Cargo Tech. Euthanasia is not okay

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): Amelia Espinosa
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 13060
Griefer Byond account: unknown
Griefer Byond name: Flick Bousum
What happened:

bad disease kills most of the crew

multiple dead crew in medbay

I, a dying detective, drag myself to medbay with most of my blood pouring out of my body while in crit

hear the following as I approach, and announce I have the cure

Flick proceeds to walk over to me and start punching me to death.
Deadchat revealed I’m far from the only person killed by this twat.

Murderboning by euthanasia is not okay. Please address.
Ahelp was submitted but the round ended not long after due to a server crash.

Edits for grammar

Dealt with it. Thanks for the report.