Flurrieon's ban appeal (again)

Byond Account: flurrieon
Character Name(s): i don't remember it's been a while
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): flurrieon#7703
Round ID of Ban: 18425

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): https://imgur.com/a/04KCSta
State your appeal: I used romerol as an antagonist because it was available to me. I don’t find this ban fair due to the fact that it was available to me at the time, but yet I was not allowed to use it. The ban could have been very easily avoided had you changed two lines of code, but alas. I would like to be unbanned because, at the time, I was still rather new to Space Station 13, and now I’ve learned a lot more since then, and I believe I have enough common sense to avoid further bans. My last ban appeal was denied due to it being far too early to appeal, so I hope 6 months is long enough.

If we had to edit 2 lines of code for every ban that could be “very easily avoided” we would have more PRs than our upstream.
Still trying to shift blame on the code instead of your own actions is stupid but it has been a long time so I will trust that it won’t happen again.