Flurrieon's ban appeal :)

  1. Byond Account: Flurrieon

  2. Character Name(s): Charlie, Bites-His-Tail

  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): flurrieon#7703

  4. Round ID of Ban: 18424

  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

  6. State your appeal: There’s very little excuse available, because I was indeed warned by Sheets, and still continued in my efforts to romerol the crew. That’s a particularly big screw-up, and i deeply apologize for that. However, if i may note something, perhaps a misunderstanding of some kind, it states in the admin note that i was gibbed, but i do not remember being gibbed. My memory of events was that i was turned into a zombie, got killed by a security officer, DC’d afterwards due to anger, and then, later that day, attempted to log in again (after i’d calmed down) only to find out i was banned. I’m sorry if that complicates things but that is what I distinctly remember. once again, i do apologize very profusely for the whole romerol business, and I promise you that i have learned from the ban and my actions.

You intentionally broke the rules then disconnected to avoid talking to staff, which you have an active permaban on Yog for doing as well. This was placed correctly and is too soon for a permaban appeal, so this is denied.