Fluxah Ban appeal #2

Byond Account: Fluxah
Character Name(s): Imram Ahmad
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):  Machiavelli#1268
Round ID of Ban:22147

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Screenshot - 5bd052701085d628b711b4f7635ee908 - Gyazo
State your appeal:I was put into perma by the hos for what he agreed was an invalid reason too due to space law determining that isn’t permable. I request a lawyer and am ignored and thrown into perma after a serious delay. He then starts punching me in perma so I push him to eventually reach the sanitarium (Prisoner medical room). After healing he left me there before eventually the warden let me back into perma I comply. The hos follows him for some reason and then points a firearm at me despite me being inside my cell. The door is still open so I walk out and push him to have him drop the energy gun and put it in perma. I then am asked to return the gun. Which before I was able to comply he enters the cell again and beats me to death with his fists. I respectfully dont believe this is self antagging as the ban message stated. And rather believe its an incharacter issue where the HOS’s incapability to follow space law led to him getting getting a less enjoyable experience.

Thank you for reading Imram.

And rather believe its an incharacter

10/10 times people try to bring “IC issue” when they are fighting against security as non antags it is just trying to make excuse so they can be a shitter IC.

By your IC logs, repeatingly dancing and laughing after fighting security, announcing that you beat the HoS in a fight, etc, it is pretty clear that you were playing the round to be a LRP nuisance and annoy security, something that pretty clearly continued after you got put in perma.

“If” security was being abusive towards you, you should ahelp so we can look into it instead of going vigilant and repeating the same issue that put you in perma in the first place, attacking and stealing from security as a non antagonist.

This is obviously denied.