Focs Only's mentor app <3

Byond Account: FocsOnly
Character Name: Kawaii Nunu
Discord Name: Focs Only
Age: 21
Timezone: BRT
Active Hours: 10am-2pm
Are you interested in becoming a mod? Yes, i would love to become a moderator if things go well as a mentor.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
155 hours living, 11 hours being a ghost

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Service: I have had a big interest in the service department ever since i started playing back in august and i believe that i’m experienced enough to provide great help to someone wanting to learn any service role.

Medical: I’m really good at being a Chemist, it is my most played role and i can do most chemicals with ease, so i think i would be great at helping beginner players to understand the role better and to feel more confortable with how chemistry works, i don’t have much experience with other Medical roles thought.

Supply: I love playing as a Shaft Miner, i would be great at teaching new players about the tools they can use to explore lavaland, and how to point system works, which can be a little confusing at first (it was for me) i don’t understand much about the rest of the department thought.

Engineering: I have never played as engi, but i know some basic stuff like hacking.

Silicon: It’s not much, but i would be able to help new players understand Borg controls better.

+1 from me.great interactions and she would make a lovely eventual mod.

This feels more like you saying you’re interested in mod because we are only looking for mentors interested in mod at the moment than you actually being interested in mod. Seems a bit dishonest.

Initially, i didn’t feel like being a mod because i didn’t know mentors had ways of getting more familiar with the other staff members and know them better, so i just thought that maybe i should just stick as a mentor, but after talking to Helian, he told me that mentors are encouraged to interact with other staff members, which changed my mind on the matter, i promise you i’m being 100% honest!

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nah rude to staff in the past i dont want to have a situation where there is animosity in the staff channels -1


We’re going to be denying this for now our main point of concern is being malicious to other players and staff mentors have a higher standard then normal verified players this isn’t a permeant no on this app we’d just like to see you work on aggression again before we reconsider this.