Frnaklin moderator applciation

Byond username: AFruitCup

Discord name: Waldo#4526

Join date: 2020-01-03

Hours you’ve been on the server: 687 hours

When are you online or available to get on: Anytime you don’t see a phone icon next to my name on discord.

Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib): mentor

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: Used to admin on a somewhat popular Garry’s Mod server.

What is something you feel you do well: My experience as a moderator on the Garry Mod and as a mentor on here has generally taught me how to interact with people when dealing with players in-game problems. I try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I can usually tell if someone is bullshitting or not most of the time. I was usually pretty good with answering reports, but it’s been at least a good two years since I last did moderating shit.

What is something you wish to change: With the rapid growth of the server I’d like to see for a more enjoyable first-time experience for the new players that decide to join our community instead of an experience that would put them off from getting comfortable with the game.

wrote this tired as hell and last minute as fuck sorry

were going to do an observation period then review this again next week so expect a mentor test : D

Re reviewed and accepted welcome to mod squad!