Fulps RNG Is """"""""WACK"""""""" (Antag RNG)

So, I made this as a uh ruh, Little rant just to have a little talk about it.

Fulps RNG is wack.

So, What do I mean by this? I mainly mean the antag RNG (Like getting nukkie or traitor) I have defferently experienced the fulp station wack RNG. I’ve had wizard 3 times in fulp (Havent played fulp for long) and I’ve got nukkie only once the entire time I’ve played, And wiznerd should be rare (Thats what they say)

i agree everyone should spawn in as traitor everytime everyshift and remove security and command all together


Thats not what i mean lol but sure, Maybe we could suggest a gamemode like that, What I meant is you get rarer antags more then common ones

what just play security it’s common and you can beat people lmao i do it all the time haha don’t tell admins though ok?

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Admins are gonna look at this thread maybe :cold_face:

wahat no…

just play more

yes dude ur so right i agree with this :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I do play more. The only antags I’ve got is rev and midround antags

lately I mean

if u dont like them then disable them :confused:

Still haven’t got a wiz round >:C

yeah bro this shit mad wack, idk what Tom is doing but hes gotta give me wizard more