Fulpstation criticism thread

Anything and all things criticism. What could be changed about fulpstation?

ytou being there
thiise post breought to you by drunk hjoyce



But to be serious - what kind of feedback do you expect? Opinion on community, staff, code?

As a community, we might improve our RP, especially refrain from directly mentioning docs and threats about bans or saying “I AM AHELPING THIS SHIT”

I’m confused on why you made this to be honest. We have a criticism section on discord and a policy discussion on discord as well but it could be nice to have a criticism section on the forum as long as it’s kept constructive.

everytime i play there are either none or 1 admins/mods while server has 80 pop

It’s a very popular server, probably can’t always have many staff on.



Personally I think the admin team can be a bit authoritarian at times, but that may be just me, i.e. deleting my criticisms on Sprites, which are supposed to be constructive, and then get told I’m acting like a dick for saying that.

bring back cloning

and hivemind

Features removed from TG, probably won’t get them back and probably removed for good reason.

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God no
Just no

When lings transform themselves there is a glitch that lets anyone with sechuds see a no I’d symbol below them making the already not so great antag pretty useless.


im glad that everyone does indeed despise me, dont worry though its happen so often it doesnt feel anymore

Just play Bee lol

Guy tells you he feels attacked and upset.
Just play bee lol.
Come on Mason…

but why bee, when i can play fulp and beat a man with a wrench because he took my hat

also your a fucking skeletor how are you vomiting

I’m saying that in response to wanting cloning and hivemind. Didn’t mean it as in “fuck off lol”.