Fulpstation stereotypes part 1: Jobs

Captain: Powergamer with all access or competent manager, or both
HOS: Sadist powergamer
Warden: “Get the fuck back into brig”
Detective: takes 10 fucking minutes to investigate a single poster
Secoff: either incompetent or a sadist, may powergamer
CE: Redundant or incompetent
Engi: fails to set supermatter up 5 consecutive rounds or competent
Atmostech: You have a better chance of finding the parents of dream kids than of finding a single atmotech on the station
CMO: Probably a medbay main, screams whenever they see timmy
Medical doctor: Either medbay main or incompetent
Paramedic: maints explorer or incompetent
Chemist: Named walter white, explodes medbay in 5 minutes cause cant make meth
RD: Powergamer
Scientist: Powergamer, dead in toxins, or rarely a circuits player beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals
Roboticist: Powergamer: MECH EDITION, or lazy, or very rarely the borg gamer
Geneticist: probably suicides by an hour in because their job is done
QM: Powergamer
Cargotech: Bored
Shaft miner: either a god amongst men or dead 5 minutes into the shift
HOP: you either love or hate paperwork
Bartender: Probably a chemist main
Botanist: W E E D
Cook: beats the shit out of everything in the kitchen, no questions asked
Janitor: more important than most people recognize
Clown: Powergamer or incompetent
Mime: see clown
Curator: in space by 10 minutes in or dead by 30
Chaplain: powergaming or regretting their sect choice
Psychologist: everyones already insane dude
Prisoner: either dead or drafted into security 30 minutes in
AI: incompetent or malf
cyborg: griefer or competent
Ass-sistant: Bored

To Well When I Play Robo I do Power gamer a Bit but for Implants rather than Mechs but I’m Primarily at the beck and Call of all the Station Borgs.

And Detectives are Either actually do their job getting evidence no one will ever pay attention to or lone Ranger Sheriff of the Station.

As a xenobio main, if you’re not doing something stupid with the slimes, are you really a scientist? Like rolling charged black extracts while being a bloodsucker… turning into an android, instantly destroying your heart.

ai main here - I’m not incompetent OR malf I’m just a griefer <3