Fun fun with Supermatter

So you chose to be a engineer,

Congratulations you have arrived on your station as a engineer and the Supermatter hasn’t been started yet. Well it’s time to get to work!

First things first what you want to know for the Supermatter is this: Pumps of any kind are things of evil. So first thing first is any pump you see you want to replace with a pipe (do it with gray because smart pipes). However you will want to change port to cooling loop to volume to empty canisters faster, you also will want to leave the Atmos line (orange line) with the pressure pump to control gas flow from Atmos. There is a gas filter that filters gasses to a port, I normally add layer manifolds on each side and add 2 extra pipes to prevent clogs but while also being able to filter gasses out that you want. I would also replace the pumps on the space cooling with valves so you can stop the space cooling and use cooler cooling (upgraded freezers can do all the way to 3 kelvin and space can only do around 27 kelvin).

Next it’s time to add emitters, DO NOT TURN ON YET!! You will first need to set them up to do so you wrenche them facing the reflectors and then weld, after you can turn them on by clicking but don’t because you arnt done yet!!

A thing I like to do is add grounding rods into the radiation collector rooms, this prevents you from getting shocked when the SM starts going Brrr as the electrical beams go to the rods. You should set up the collector before securing the grounding rods. Do load rad collectors you take a plasma tank (on you get from one of those O2 plasma dispensers) and put them into the collector and then turn it on. I normally put 1 grounding rod on each side for a total of 2.

Next you will want to add your gasses to do so is a simple as 1-2-3 you take your canisters and wrench them on the ports and turn the pumps on!

Congratulations you are almost done next you will want to set the scrubbers, vents and Gas filters. To do this you wanna unlock the air alarm if locked and change to the following,


-internal pressure to Zero

-turn off external pressure


-turn on to scrub everything at expanded range

Gas filters:

-the one that you added the layer manifolds on I would turn on to scrub nothing until the Supermatter is producing gasses you want

-the ones on the red loops I would turn the first onto N2 and the rest to the other cooling gasses (if you only run N2 change to rest to N2 because why not)

Make sure you turn them on!!

Please note if you do this first you will start a pressure SM start and it’s hard to stop but if it dose happen what you do is

A) panic and take blame because you are stupid

B) tell Atmos to put N2, or CO2 pure to engine (orange loop) and flood the chamber with the cooling gas. What you are doing if diluting the SM to where the fire can’t happen and start cooling it.

Last but not least you got your Emitters you should have already set up so turn them on!!

Congratulations you have setup a basic Supermatter setup!! All that’s left to do is upgrade everything as RD researches better parts.

Alright now time for the Fun setup I’ve tested this myself if you start at round shift it takes around 25minutes to setup solo (fastest on my record so a new person around 30 or so).

What’s different?? Lots!! You will keep the same supermatter setup I gave you but there is more to add!!

What’s extra? Cooling lots of cooling because things may get spicy. With the extra spicy you Supermatter as pure CO2 you should be able to eat people and it still be stable.

Told you it can eat people

First difference in cooling is the space loop. What you are gonna want to do is add layer manifolds and junctions so you can expand how many loops there are. You will need a hard suit as you will be going to space, you can just spam 4 way junctions on the layer as gas won’t leak unless you unwrench it. You should be able to do this fairly fast or get a fellow engi to do it because who doesn’t love spacewalks.

Second is a internal cooling loop! This is probably the hardest to do as if you walk to far you will walk into SM and die. Important note: DO THIS BEFORE ADDING GASSES OR SETTING SCRUBBERS AND VENTS so you don’t get pushed into the crystal, if you happen to make the mistake wear mag boots as they will stop you from getting pulled (or pushed). To do this is on layer 2 and 4 (because the default loop is 3) and add 4 way junction heat exchanger like you did with space. Only do this in chamber at the door make junctions then in the other room add the manifold. Then take the pipes out to a “large” area. Then build a crap ton of freezers. (Make sure to add the freezer waist because the Atmos update) then add 1 port and a volume pump, now the question is what gas do you put into the internal cooling loop. The answer to a uneducated smooth brain may sound wack but it’s plasma (or Freon or hypernoblium if Atmos is based). Then turn the freezers on to cool as much as they can and enjoy internal cooling! Again make sure to upgrade coolers as parts become available.

The final main difference is adding freezers to the actual main loop, add them before you turn on the SM because otherwise gas leaks may happen. But wait! You may say default freezers cool the 73 and space is 27 so why do it? Well when you upgrade them your freezers will cool to 3K and space will still be 27. Again make sure to add and connect the waist to the SM waist (red pipes) add as many as you want because freezer cooling is awesome.

Now you have a robust cooling system (I call it the Joestar setup) what do you do with it? Simple forget about it because the station is already in deep shit haha just kidding you add fun gasses!! Well what gasses do you add? I almost always say screw N2 and get Atmos to pump CO2 to engine.

You should be able to do gas mixes like this

What dose each gas so?

N2- Basically nothing it just cools the air down so SM don’t go Brrrr

CO2-Makes to where emitters do more it increases the EER but don’t go over 5000 Mev/cm3 or bad things start to happen. It also reacts with the O2 to make pluoxium that you can take out for internals or leave in to make the SM a tab bit safer. Make sure to leave the pump on for Atmos to SM because he CO2 is consumed to make pluox. But don’t leave it on too high of a pressure and cause a singularity. I normally set to max for a few seconds then set back to 101kPa and adjust as needed.


Trit- this is the FUN stuff because it makes the Supermatter supper radioactive and that turns into power (I like to try to get a 50/50 mix with CO2).

You can also try Plasma, O2 and other things but I do CO2 Trit because I know it works. If you do CO2 Trit make sure to set filters to the cooling gasses (CO2, Trit and N2 and Pluox if you are a safety 1st person) also make sure you filter Pluox out for internals as you will have a constant supply of it because CO2 is a coolant and O2 is a SM byproduct.

This is just my SM setup you don’t have to follow but I find this one very safe, stable and efficient. If you smarter engineers have any ideas for improvements please let me know I’m always open to ideas.

ALSO if you want to experiment a bit I have a Calculator that should calculate the Radiation and Power that is produces.

(There are 2 calculators one at the bottom and the other that is coded into the google doc it’s Java(?) both work chose the one you like more) also the calculators where made before the new gasses where added (like before H2) so some gasses won’t be known and I don’t know how to code so uhhh don’t expect a update.



Phh, weak. Imagine doing math on highly complicated dangerous nuclear reactors. Just throw in a bunch of freezers and make a filterless setup, then add as much tritium as you want until it starts catching fire, then add co2 to consume the o2 by turning it to ploxium, then add MORE TRITIUM. Then, huh… profit?

(Its still at 99% :sunglasses:)