Functional Radio Mimery

Make it so mimes can do *me actions over the radio without having to break their vow of silence. Right now, you have to go through the talk action, which is considered talking even if you only technically emote. two ideas:
Make it part of the *me command instead of the talk command
Make it a special exception for the vow of silence: if the message only contains an over-the-radio emote, it goes through.

This makes no sense and I can’t think of a single reason why this would improve the game in any way. Mimes can’t even laugh audibly, the only reason this would ever be useful is if a mime were to use it to exploit *me actions to bypass their vow of silence (which is against the rules anyways)

What are you going to do? Clap through the speaker?

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One way to communicate over comms currently would be to pda the ai with emoji’s telling them to look at you with their cameras. Then mine out whatever you want communicated. Could go so far as to cheese it and emote " spells out (message) in binary with his hands".

A potential way it COULD be implemented would be a special pair of gloves you would get from science that would “track hand movements”

But frankly the idea of a mime communicating over comms offends me. I would rather fall on my imaginary sword than stoop to clown-like behavior.