Funny hulk decides to kill me because space cat told it to do so for a wish

Byond Account: BalkyGoat

Character Name(s): HALL 9000

Discord Name: Alan Mitchel / Balky Goat

Round ID: 12173

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name: Marcus Grim (hulk) and Michel Polnaref (space cat)

What happened: I entered robotics to get my fire damage repaired. I asked the hulk there who was using the robotics machinery to repair me, or at least remove my cell. However, it responded with that he is not a robotist. As we argued, the space cat told the hulk to kill me, as “it would be based”. The hulk agreed and then proceeded to kill me. Then they made funny remarks etc, etc. I did get repaired much later, but I still believe that Marcus Grim and Mitchel Polnaref should get a warning or a note of some sort.


taken care of, thank you.