Funny_Toilet_ Ban appeal

Byond Account: Funny_Toilet_
Character Name(s): Charlie WX
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Sentient_Toilet_
Round ID of Ban: 24821

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
As a scientist, I had joined the round to make a Phazon as I have never used one before and was excited to try it, so I went around to various areas to just test it out, all was going well until I entered the brig, and shot an officer with the disabler cannon as a joke about revenge against the mime, even though I wasn’t going to actually break them out, and the timer was already set. After they went down from stam crit, they told me to get out of the mech so I could be arrested, so I got out of the mech, and let them arrest me peacefully, then while in jail. The ban note even says this is an IC issue, I never hurt the officer other than stam crit, and I even let them arrest me, this was a solved IC issue, I don’t feel this is OOC.

It sucks for officers to deal with non antags being shitters against them “as a joke” and letting yourself being arrested doesn’t cancel that.

Breaking the rules is an OOC issue, even more over something as petty as wanting to antagonize security with your toy mech, regardless of how cooperative you were with security IC after you assaulted them.

The ban is correct so this is denied.