Gannon Fitzgerald the abusive warden

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What happened:So basically he was the warden in this round 9801, I got arrested for ordering combat knfies as a cargo techniciant, he got me in labor for 50 points, wich I did and when I got back my stuff where gone (he stripped me before puting me in the teleporter). When I came back, a deputy hit me a few times then opened the door for me to get in the brig, when I got there I asked the warden for my stuff but he refused, I kept asking him for 5-10mins then I told HoS, when HoS told him he got straight at a locker that had my stuff in it, when i asked him about them he said he dont know. Okay everything good, I find my stuff but my ID was missing, so I asked him for a new one and he told me to go to HoP. I refused because he lost my ID so he should get me a new one. I kept asking him for my ID until he used force against me. he started drag netting me, then flashed me, cuffed me, drag netted me at engi where it was no air. Even after all this I got my stuff excepting my ID, this guy Gannon was pretty abusive that round, really cocky for a warden. This really got me mad in the point when I was about to take a plasma canister and blew up the security because I lost 25 minutes waiting for my stuff but instead I contacted you guys. It was no admins online so I contacted them on Discord. Helianthus Told me to write a complain if I wanted and guided me on how. I hope this guy Gannon Fitzgerald will be punished for being a shitsec. Have a Nice day :smiley:

Alright, hi there and thank you for the report!
After looking into it, there wasn’t really much I could see in the logs that would lead me to believe that he was being abusive. In the end, he didn’t harm you or restrain you for too long, it’s just that your ID somehow got lost, which can happen. Next time, do as they say and just go get a new one from the HoP if you can’t find it within a reasonable time frame, because I’m sure that he himself didn’t know where it was. I hope you have a nice day!