Gatfruit Grief - Round ID: 21866

Byond Account: Aysnorelax
Character Name(s): Olar Theobold
Discord Name: Aysnorelax#9656
Round ID: 21866
Date: 8/24/22
Griefer IC name: Eric Green, Greg Mc Swag
Griefer Byond account (if known):

I saw a bottanist, either Eric or Greg shoot James Lostman through bottany window from service hallway. I then saw them dragging the guy away so I intervened and tried to drag him away so I could take him to med. The both proceeded to shoot me with the gatfruit they had grown, I disarmed one of them and got a shot off in his head. The other proccedded to gun me down. Med was severley understaffed and when Greg Mcswag got up before I did, he proceded to drag me into a bonfire in teh hallway where I was husked for the rest of the round. Neither were traitor according to redtext, neither tried to RP anything, I think I got out a “what the hell” in protest but it was garbled because of my drug use. This just looks like murderboning to me.

Greg also shot me with a .357 when I tried to enter the engineering escape pod, and he didn’t show up in the end report screen.

sorry this took so long to look into. i was giving someone else a turn haha. looks like they have been permaed through another interaction so you will not be seeing them again. thanks for the report!